WineryWine nameYear Price shekelsRatingKosherDryColorDegustations notes
GvaotHamdani and Jandali20178089yesdrywhiteHamdani - Jendali Gofna 2017 Gvaot Winery
The wine is impressive, very clean, with high clarity and beautiful color - accurately made.
It has an intense, even strong aroma which deserves a maximum score. The only drawback preventing the wine from scoring 90 or higher is disharmony, because the acidity of the wine is very pronounced and not balanced enough with the body and with the other flavors. Good and clean finish. If the wine comes to competition and you can tell which varieties it is made from - it can score 89 or 90, because these are rare and unique varieties. But judging by the criteria of the classic wines, this wine will receive a score of 85-86. In all, a special and intriguing wine.
GvaotGofna Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve201611085yesdryredCabernet Sauvignon 2016 Gvaot Winery. The wine is not unambiguous. There are things in which it is outstanding and impressive: External appearance and intensity of aromas and flavors. At the same time, the wine seems much older than its age. In aroma and taste, grapes are very ripe and some are shriveled. At the end of the tasting, oxidation is felt. It could be said that the wine is not balanced enough and not healthy enough. The wine invites and even demands food. Possibly, if this wine is aged for another six months or even a year, it will reach a good harmony and softness with a taste that is somewhat lacking. Score 84-85.
GvaotGofna Vineyard Dance20168088yesdryredGofna Vineyards Dance 2016 Gvaot Winery. This wine is made from four Bordeaux varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. It is very easy to connect to this wine and to be impressed by it, a quality wine, beautiful, fruity and fresh. Full flavor, rich and developed, although the ripe and pleasant tannins are still a bit conspicuous. The body of the wine is full, but not heavy and dense. You can expect the wine to develop well in the coming years having the beauty of a European-style fruity wine. It is not certain that classic Australians will love this wine. Argentinians and Californians might sit on the fence, but every European will prefer this wine to his three meals a day. Score 87-88.
GvaotGofna Merlot Reserve201611091yesdryredMerlot Reserve 2016 Gvaot Winery. The exterior appearance and aroma of the wine comes in close to the highest points of reference. The first impression is a luxury wine, almost perfect compared to the age of the 2016 vintage. The aroma of a rich and deep Merlot strain. The taste has not yet had the time to balance and soften, which is very important for the Merlot variety. This wine has high potential for good development in the coming years. Today the wine is worth 90-91. But if you allow it take advantage of it’s excellent potential, it will become a velvety, charming and even large wine with a grade of 93-94’
GvaotMasada201623090yesdryredMasada 2016 - Gvaot winery Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Petite Rose This wine is a real rock, especially in its appearance, and also in the intensity of its aroma and flavors. Perhaps the more successful comparison to this line would be - a rough diamond that requires polishing. The wine has not had the time to sleep in fine barrels and spices. This is why this wine needs a long decanting time before tasting. In the bottle the wine still needs (2-3 years) to take advantage of the tremendous potential of this wine. Currently this wine’s score is 90-91.Possibly, in future it could score 94 or more. A high quality wine, rare and most impressive.
DeltaEta Blend201420087yesdryredThe Etta Blend 2014 of Delta Winery
The wine has a beautiful and impressive appearance. It’s aroma is fruity and developed, with hints of an old-fashioned Bordeaux style; An attractive, pleasant and unique aroma. The taste of the wine is balanced, harmonious, but not intense enough and concentrated, because the wine did not aged long enough in the bottle. It needs another year or two to reach its peak velvety softness. This wine can be given a "very good" grade. It is a high quality wine. There is a certain delicacy of taste on the one hand, and on the other the tannins are highlighted. It can be served as the ultimate wine for quality and well-to-do meals. The wine’s spices will blend well with rich meat dishes. A long and impressive finish. The wine is definitely of high quality.
TanyaHalel Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Shiraz201413086yesdryredHalel 2014 Tanya Winery. This special wine is made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Shiraz grapes, which are very ripe and in large part, shriveled. The wine will be unexpected for those looking for classic red wines and will be a great surprise for those seeking heavy, powerful and Amaronian wines. The known characteristics of these wines are black burgundy with brown edges, an aroma of red and black raisins, dense tannins, but sweet. The power and concentration of these wines surprise and attract the taste of quite a few wine lovers. This wine is fully belongs to a not large group, but unique and valued. Score 89-90.
GvaotGofna Chardonnay Cabernet20178594yesdrywhiteChardonnay - Cabernet 2016 Gofna. The unique Gvaot winery is one of the few in the world producing the white wine which is combination of the two royal varieties - the white king Chardonnay and the red king Cabernet Sauvignon. This is the wine for people looking for white wines, not only unique in composition, but also unique in taste and complexity. This wine stands out for its richness, style and general harmony of flavors, with a long and impressive finish that can compete with many fine red wines. From the moment the bottle is opened, the chardonnay is prominent and plays as lead violin. But when the wine breathes and calms after 10-15 minutes, the Cabernet rises and we feel the prestigious blend as a harmonious duet. Score 94 or more.
Gush EtzionBlessed Valley201118093yesdryredEmek HaBracha 2011 Gush Etzion Winery. Cabernet. Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot. Fine and elegant wine, full and not too heavy, ready to drink now and can be aged for many years to come. The wine brings great respect to the vineyard and to wine, because at its present age, it is full of energy and potential for future development. Aroma and taste are felt in all the grape varieties that make up a surprising balance in the full health. A fresh, rich and harmonious wine. Score 92-93.